Integrated Planning

Planning & Resource Management

Integrated Planning

  • Integrated Planning

    Taking a multidisciplinary approach to translate a community’s or organisation’s vision and objectives to a detailed plan for consultation and approval. This includes 
    urban planning and design as well as regulatory and statutory planning under the Resource Management Act. This work ranges from the development of policy documents, consenting strategies, consent applications and Assessments of Environmental Effects and undertaking reporting and decision making roles.

  • Strategic Planning 
We provide robust analysis of regulatory, stakeholder and aspirational objectives to develop strategic plans that give our clients the greatest chance of succeeding to achieve their objectives. This is about providing a strong, focused, and clear path through the range of drivers, obligations and requirements that influence any project or service delivery function.  
  • Master Planning and Structure Plans   
We engage with our clients and stakeholders to identify objectives for development and growth areas, identify and analyse constraints and opportunities and prepare pragmatic, integrated master plans and structure plans that give effect to requirements for integrated, sustainable management and good quality infrastructure.  

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