Grey Wilson

Grey Wilson

Annette Sweeney Environmental Engineer and Planner

Senior Planner

Grey has a wide range of planning and RMA experience, having undertaken work on behalf of several district councils in both the regulatory and policy development areas as well as having been involved with numerous proposals around discharges and other regional council matters. She has sound knowledge of and experience with local government processes, having been involved with high level policy and asset management planning through to the detailed work of both preparing and assessing site specific proposals. 

Grey has had extensive involvement in projects relating to network utilities and infrastructure, for councils and other statutory organisations as well as private clients. This has involved working closely with professionals in the engineering field, including in the area of water resources. Her experience in both policy and regulatory planning, and also in both the applicant and reporting officer roles, has enabled her to provide valuable input into the development of high quality proposals and to be able to identify and address the key issues arising out of complex applications. She places an emphasis on the management of planning processes in such a way so as to identify key issues at the outset and to undertake works and manage resources in order to address these as efficiently and effectively as possible. This involves being able to ‘take a step back’ to understand the wider environmental, social and economic context influencing operations, planning and decision making and being able to develop action plans accordingly in order to ensure good environmental outcomes. 

Grey was based at the Good Earth Matters Palmerston North office for a number of years before spending two years in the Solomon Islands. Upon her return to New Zealand in 2014, she and her family relocated to Wairoa where her children will be amongst the fourth generation of their family to attend the local Frasertown School.

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