Piggery Project


Optimisation of Piggery Wastewater
Treatment System
Ratanui Piggery Wastewater Project
Client: Ratanui Developments Ltd

Location: Halcombe, Manawatu
Following installation of a new covered anaerobic pond for the treatment of wastewater from piggery operations, a less than desirable level of performance was experienced.  

Good Earth Matters was able to use its Pilot Plant in combination with monitoring of the wastewater treatment system to characterise the wastewater from the piggery and identify key factors influencing treatment performance.  Good Earth Matters’ Pilot Plant was also utilised to conduct aeration trials to examine the behaviour of the aerobic pond, which was the next step in the treatment process.

Good Earth Matters was able to provide recommendations for improving anaerobic treatment performance, and optimise the aeration requirements of the aerobic pond, so that the piggery could consistently meet consent conditions.
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