Our Services 

Our services deliver the solutions you need for your business or community in a sustainable manner that enables you to thrive and grow. Our focus is on helping businesses and communities achieve their goals. We achieve this by providing a team which is informed, visionary, accepting, innovative and adaptive.

As leading Australasian experts in enabling communities through sustainable infrastructure we focus on our core competencies of:
  • Policy and Strategy Development
  • Water Resources
  • Procurement
  • Planning and Resource Management
  • Flood Protection and Rivers Engineering.

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Policy & Strategy Development

Great project outcomes which are both sustainable and affordable are achieved by aligning policy and strategy with practical requirements. Good Earth Matters takes the time to listen and understand, and then use our expertise to develop a range of strategies for solving your problem.... More 

Water Resources

Water resources covers water managed within drinking water, stormwater and wastewater systems. At the core of our approach is ensuring that communities have a dependable supply of clean, fresh drinking water; that we have safe systems to manage wastewater in a way that .... More


Good Earth Matters believe that effective procurement requires excellent technical understanding of the process or project that is being procured underpinned with a superior knowledge of procurement strategies. Critical to the execution of any procurement process..... More

Planning & Resource Management 

We provide robust analysis of regulatory, stakeholder and aspirational objectives to develop strategic plans that give our clients the greatest chance of succeeding to achieve their objectives. This is about providing a strong, focused, and clear path through the range of drivers.... More

Flood Protection & River Engineering

Good Earth Matters works with you to identify the flood events you wish to mitigate, understand risk and inform you of cost associated with managing risk to different levels. We build data models, validate the models against known flood events and undertake scenario testing.... More
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