Kaikoura Project


Kaikoura Stormwater Master Plan
Kaikoura Stormwater Master Plan
Client: Kaikoura District Council

Kaikoura, North Canterbury
Initiated by the need to renew its consents, Kaikoura’s urban stormwater network was also coming under pressure to improve the quality of its discharges as well as to provide for future growth areas.  

Good Earth Matters developed a network model to assess the current capacity of the system and identify works required for stormwater from growth areas (greenfields and infill).  The quality of discharges was also assessed and treatment options identified that would meet Regional Plan standards.  The Kaikoura Stormwater Master Plan was then developed to match the capital expenditure requirements to the funding available.  

Good Earth Matters was able to secure a global consent for stormwater discharges to surface water, land and to the coastal environment.
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